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I started in electronics in the Air Force in 1967, working on the navigation systems of the F4 Phantom, F102, RB 66 and F 105’s. When I returned to civilian life, I started a TV and audio repair service with my good friend John who expanded the business to two appliance and TV sales and service stores.

In 1992 I started Mike Hagan Antique Auto Radio. Because I had been involved in the antique car hobby for more than 20 years, and had electronics experience, my friends in the hobby would ask me to fix the radios for their antique cars. I really enjoyed the work, so in 1992, with the encouragement of my wife Jane, I began the radio restoration business. I also began doing FM conversions that year since after rebuilding the am radio there wasn’t much to listen to. This was done by rebuilding the radio and installing a small FM board that would switch the radio from one band to another when you turned it off and on. You could then listen to today’s music or the oldies on your old AM radio.

In 1996 the Stereo Conversion board became available. With the lack of transistors and other parts for the early AM-FM radios, this was the answer. Early AM-FM radios such as the Bendix radios made for Ford and Mopar, and the early radios from GM used transistors that hadn’t been available for 20 years. The only way to fix them was to use transistors salvaged from other radios, and that wasn’t reliable. With the FM Conversion board I can replace the entire circuit board and put today’s technology into those old radios. Your radio can now have four speakers totaling 180 Watts RMS with the capability of playing CDs, satellite receivers, and IPOD or MP3 players, all while using the same circuitry as other car radio manufactures but with a special interface that allows me to use the original controls and pushbuttons. The original Wonderbar or Town and Country radios will work as they did back then.

The next step was to build reproduction radios for these old cars. So thanks to Antique Automobile Radio, the company that produces the FM Stereo boards, a line of replacement radios is now available for hard to find Wonderbar and AM-FM radios such as Corvette, early Chevy truck radios and muscle car radios like the Chevelles, Camaros and GTOs.

My goal at Mike Hagan Antique Auto Radio is to always offer the best products and service possible. I refuse to sell radios that are cheaply made. My restorations come with a two year warranty because I believe you deserve to have confidence in the work you pay for. Questions are always welcomed.

Thanks for taking a look,

Mike Hagan

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