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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy your New Radio?

The New Radios we offer are made from all new materials inside and out. They are more compact and will leave more room under your dash. These are the only radios that enable you to use your Vintage Air. For instance The 57 Chevy and 49-50 Ford car radio have the speakers above the radio. Using our New Radios will enable you to install a install a larger, higher wattage 6x9 speaker that would otherwise not fit if you were install the original rebuilt or converted radio. Appearance-wise your original radio’s chrome bezel and knobs are likely showing their age. Our New Radios chrome knobs and bezels are die cast and made to look exactly like your original stock radios pieces.

When should I buy a Converted Radio?

You should consider using a Converted Radio if your original stock car radio is in good cosmetic shape however is not functioning correctly. Also, if you want todays modern day radio technology, crystal clear digital tuning or you just want to be able to use your Apple iPod®, other MP3 player or a CD Changer in your car. Our Converted Radio replace about 80% or the original stock radios internal parts. The original case, bezel and knobs are all that is left while all of the internals are replaced with new modern day parts. You can also select from some of our in-stock Converted Radios if you do not have an original stock radio in your car.

When should I use your Radio Rebuilding Service?

You should consider using our Radio Rebuilding Service if your original stock car radio is in excellent cosmetic shape and is either partially functioning or not functioning at all. If you do not see the need to connect an Apple iPod®, other MP3 player or a CD Changer to your car radio then this might be the choice for you. You will need to send in your original stock radio for rebuilding.

What makes your New Radios better than the original stock radios?

Our New Radios are all electronic, have a smaller behind-the-dash size and have all new die cast chrome bezel and knob pieces. The pushbuttons are all electronic, meaning you set them like your new car radio and you get 5 AM and 5 FM settings.

Do you just add a new circuit board to your Converted Radios?

No, all the original circuitry is removed and replaced with modern day radio components and electronics. What remains is the original case, bezel, knobs and volume control mechanism, the rest is removed.

Can a Converted Radio be returned to original at a later date?

Once the radio is converted there is no going back.

Do your New, Converted or Rebuilt Radios have audio outputs for use with an amp?

No pre amp outputs are provided. The 45 watts RMS is normally more than enough. Remember this is RMS not peak which is a much higher number.

Can I hook an amp to the speaker outputs?

No, this not recommended because you can blow the outputs in the New, Converted or Rebuilt Radio. Also remember, 45 watts of RMS power is most likely more than enough power to listen to your radio loudly.

What speakers can I use with these radios?

You need speakers with a wattage rating of 45 watts RMS or more. Also, the bigger the speaker the better. 4” speakers that are rated at 45 watts RMS don’t seem to have enough cone to take the wattage.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your products and services?

Click here to see our warranty terms.

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